Behavior Plan for Luc

Luc demonstrates self-stimulatory behavior in the auditory, proprioceptive, and vestibular sensory systems. To effectively shape Luc’s behavior, his classroom environment should be equipped with a sensory diet that best meets his needs. Teachers should work closely with the occupational therapist to best arrange and equip the physical environment of the classroom co-plan an integration of sensory integrated activities into lesson plans. A custom fit sensory diet for Luc includes participating in or being offered the following activities, tools, or strategies throughout the school day:

  • Begin the school day with a whole class movement to music activity that calls all students together, providing sensory stimulation and promoting a sense of community before starting classroom morning meeting. 
  • Use of movement songs and moving to music during specific transitions as well as within lessons/activities as appropriate.
  • Use a variety of differentiated movements for traveling, such as walking like a certain animal to get in line or walk down the hallway.
  • Incorporate a variety of heavy work activities, such as carrying or transporting blocks, books, or other weighted materials from one location to another into transitions or classroom activities for all students.
  • Regular use (for most or all students) of a sensory corner that is equipped with furnishings, tools, and toys that rock, swivel, roll, and swing.
  • Ending the school day with a whole class movement activity that calls students together again for the end of the day meeting.