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Diagnosed Autism Spinning & flapping, flapping & more spinning

Diagnosed Autism Spinning & flapping, flapping & more spinning


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Which self-stimulatory behaviors does the child demonstrate in this video that set that child apart from other children?

In this video, we see young Luc spinning and flapping as he actuates the cycles on the dishwasher. As the water in the dishwasher makes swishing noises, Luc spins, flaps and shakes his head. He returns to the dishwasher several times to re-actuate the swishing sound and begins spinning and flapping again. The spinning, flapping and head shaking are the unusual behaviors that set Luc apart from typically developing children.

Which sensory systems are involved in the stimuli?

It seems obvious in the video that the main sensory system involved in the stimuli is the auditory system, because Luc is responding to the swishing sound of the dishwasher. But are there any other sensory systems that could be involved? Upon further examination, one might agree that the proprioceptive and vestibular systems are also at play. Luc seems to have difficulty with balance and coordination (Proprioceptive), as his movements seem random and uncalculated. If you look carefully, he also curls his toes under, perhaps as an attempt to grip the floor to maintain balance. Even given his difficulty balancing during his activity, he still seems to enjoy the dizzy feeling he gets from spinning and shaking his head (Vestibular).
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